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Flat Twine®
I produced this video for Nifty Products,
Old Bridge, NJ USA. Their websites are www.niftypack.com and www.flattwine.com. The Flat Twine® product was featured in The Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value, Do It Best, Orgill, Hobby Lobby, as well as other national retailers.

Retailer feedback indicated that some customers saw the product but were not sure how to use it. There are two main purposes to this video. First is to demonstrate how to use the product. Second is to show some uses around the house and office.

There were many considerations and challenges that needed to be addressed in the making of this video. For example, although anyone can view the video from a computer, it was essential that someone with a smart phone could view it when in the store and while looking at the actual product. For this we had to get the right balance of detail, resolution, and download speed.

Two drafts were submitted to Marcy Thomson, VP at Nifty Products, before the final video was approved on January 19, 2012. The video was then rolled out nationally to retailers
here and abroad.

It is usually fun to shoot and edit videos. The clip featured below is a commercial
"How To Video" of an interesting product. I'll be adding more videos in the future.